A Guide if You are a Victim of Tax Refund, or Tax Return Fraud


Tax return fraud is becoming a bigger and bigger problem every year. Most people panic when they find out they are a victim, and for a good reason.

Many times people discover they are a victim when they receive a bill from the IRS for a few thousand dollars, or cannot understand what they are being asked to provide during an audit. It is important to keep good records of your taxes and write down all information. Whenever you talk to an IRS agent, it can be very helpful to write down their name, ID, and location. This way you are able to reference that call in the future. Also keep in mind that there are many people who would prefer to blame their taxes on fraud instead of paying what is due. This is unfortunate but is the main reason that the IRS is not going to be welcoming the thought of fraud immediately. You will have to provide proof along the way.

It is critically important to get a transcript, and review all details on your record before agreeing to pay the IRS (if you have reason to believe that they are mistaken, or someone has illegally filed taxes using your personal information). A transcript will show a summary of your tax return along with any actions taken, expenses written, payments, amended returns, and corrections because of math mistakes.

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