October, 2012

ABC’s of Accommodations

ACCORDING to the most recent government figures, about 11 percent of undergraduates, or over two million students, have a disability. Most have learning disabilities, like dyslexia or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but 15 percent have an orthopedic or mobility impairment; ...

Veterans Wait for Benefits as Claims Pile Up

For Dennis Selsky, a Vietnam-era veteran with multiple sclerosis, it was lost documents. It seemed that every time he sent records to the Department of Veterans Affairs, they disappeared into the ether.

Settlement Eases Rules for Some Medicare Patients

WASHINGTON — Tens of thousands of people with chronic conditions and disabilities may find it easier to qualify for Medicarecoverage of potentially costly home health care, skilled nursing home stays and outpatient therapy under policy changes planned by the ...

Assistive Technology Added to U of M's Standard Sites Loadset

Michigan Tobacco Quit Line Offering Free Nicotine Patches, Gum or Lozenges

LANSING – The Michigan Tobacco Quit Line is now offering free nicotine replacement products for people who want to quit smoking or chewing tobacco. Michigan residents who want to take advantage of this offer can call the Quit Line at ...

Partners In Prevention Offers Parenting Classes in Alpena

Partners in Prevention presents the following workshops this fall/winter at the Thunder Bay Junior High School Media Center in Alpena.

4 Challenges Facing Disabled Veterans And How To Overcome Them

As two wars draw to a close, the roughly 1.6 million veterans who have fought for America and survived will soon find themselves in the most civilian of activities -- looking for a job. For those who have already come ...

Capitol Poses Serious Obstacles for People With Disabilities

Forget navigating the hallways or figuring out which elevator to use. For a Capitol visitor with limited mobility, just approaching a House office building is a barrier-riddled nightmare.

RU study: For collegians with disabilities, success linked to mentoring, self-advocacy

A Rutgers study of recent New Jersey college graduates with disabilities has found that students attributed their academic success to a combination of possessing strong personality traits as perseverance and their relationship with a faculty or staff mentor. Accessing campus ...

American Association on Health and Disability offers scholarship program

The American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD) will award several college scholarships to undergraduates (but not incoming freshman) studying public health or interested in careers focusing on disability research. Completed scholarship applications must be submitted by Nov. 15th ...




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