DNAC Volunteers at the Autism Scavenger Hunt


For the month of April, Disability Network's Advocacy Council (DNAC) decided to sponsor and volunteer for the Traverse Traveler’s Autism Scavenger Hunt that was held on April 13. Zoe Onthank, DNAC member and Volunteer Office Assistant at Disability Network, explained, “We chose to be a part of the event because we want to raise awareness and help kids with disabilities.  Our group has realized that we CAN make a difference and do things like everyone else.  We too are a part of the big picture.”  The Autism Scavenger Hunt is an annual awareness event that raises money for the TCAPS I Pads for Autism Program. Click here to find out more.

DNAC members meet monthly to plan social events, workshops, volunteer opportunities, and learn about disability related issues.The group is currently seeking new members, as well as locals interested in teaching various skills & talents to the Council.  ContactLisa Woodcox at 922-0903, ext. 14 for more information. 




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