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Grass River Field Guide cover


The education director, James Dake, at the Grass River Natural Area has released the "Field Guide to Northwest Michigan," a guide to local flora, fauna, geology, and history of the region.  Through a grant from the Michigan Braille Transcribing fund, they were able to transcribe this field guide into Braille. They have 28 Braille copies available.

Through this same grant they were able to make upgrades to their sensory trail, The Perception Pathway.  This pat is a 0.3 mile sensory/Braille trail that follows the beautiful Fern Trail Boardwalk loop at Grass River Natural Area.  The trail is designed to be a self-paced and self-guided educational nature trail for people with sight impairment and for the education needs of area students and visitors.  There is a 36-inch high guide cable set on posts every 10 feet along the trail.  Tactile indicators and Braille interpretive signage will be at new perception stations.  Benches, kiosks and outdoor classroom areas offer breaks along the half mile loop of the trail.  The trail also offers a safe outdoor environment where orientation and mobility skills can be developed.

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