Nick Mullins to Tell His Story on April 20 in TC


This Saturday at 4pm, Nick Mullins, Pro-Skateboarder, will share his compelling story at Right Brain Brewery in Traverse City.  Weathered Beard, a local storytelling group run by Neal Steeno and Ben Zork, have partnered with the brewery to host "Springenfesten"--an evening of laughter, camaraderie, stories, and beer. (RBB has a mouthwatering Root Beer for those who prefer a nonalcoholic option.)

According to Steeno, "Weathered Beard started off as a historical journal--searching for beards and using the beard as an artifact."  The Weathered Beard duo found that there were powerful stories behind those they chatted with sporting facial scruff. The team decided to connect people to stories through live storytelling. To start off, they chose storytellers with beards.

Why? Steeno explains, "Well, we pinned ourselves in with the name, and so we just went with it. Weathered Beard has featured people with peach fuzz to wizard length beards. From a lively Vietnam veteran to a comical Christmas Santa."

Steeno states, "There are no boundaries."

Although historically Weathered Beard began with scruff, the troop has evolved to including anyone with a good story--including Nick.

Says Steeno, "Nick is different. Nick does not have a beard. And that's okay. He wears his past success in a humble manner. The kid is known for his world class skateboarding. No one questions that kid's talent. What is fascinating is we really didn't choose Nick. The community did. People know he's special and we listened as folks suggested that we go hear his tale."

Not long ago, Nick was on top of the world as a skateboarder.  And then suddenly, BOOM, the world was on top of him--he was diagnosed with a one percent chance of living.

"To hear him share his experience, the ups, the downs, you understand just how quickly life can turn. Nick has gone to hell and back. But don't let that fool you, he'll be back on top alright. And nothing can get in his way. We're stoked and honored to have him take the stage," shares Steeno.

Interested in hearing Nick's story? Join us at Right Brain Brewery this Saturday at 4pm.

Contact Weathered Beard for more information about the event or to learn how you can get involved.





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