We're an Impact 100 finalist!

Impact 100 event sign


We are thrilled to announce that Disability Network Northern Michigan is one of five finalists in the inaugural year of Impact 100.  Impact 100 is a transformational granting organization that is made up of 255 local women that have each pledged at least $1000 with the goal of awarding two grants of $127,500 each to two local non-profits in 2017.

Disability Network is the finalists in the family category for our proposed project, Access Northern Michigan, which brings accessibility information on recreation, dining, hotels, and other attractions to your fingertips.  Not only accessibility information on what may be wheelchair friendly, but will also focus on access for multiple types of disabilities, helping our region become more welcoming and inclusive for everyone to enjoy and participate.

Impact 100 Finalists photo with Impact 100 backdrop (click image to enlarge)

In addition, the creation of this app in partnership with Lake Effect, will create multiple volunteer opportunities for community members of all abilities to become involved with meaningful volunteer work helping us assess our trails and natural areas, shopping districts, hotels, restaurants, and other local attractions within the five-county region that includes Grand Traverse, Leelanau, Kalkaska, Antrim, and Benzie.

Disability Network Northern Michigan along with our volunteer access teams will help build awareness around accessibility and work with local business owners and other leaders in the community to provide education and tools on how to provide access for everyone.  We believe that individuals with disabilities are the experts on accessibility and can truly lead the movement to change the hearts and minds across northern Michigan on accessibility.

Disability Network Northern Michigan is a Center For Independent Living (CIL) and we are one of  fifteen other CILs in Michigan.  Our mission is to promote personal empowerment and positive social change for people with disabilities.  We help anyone, at any age, with any type of disability navigate the barriers in their way of living an independent life and reaching their full potential.  Access Northern Michigan will enable full participation of people with disabilities in their communities, improve quality of life, and increase awareness of accessibility.

On November 8, at the Impact 100 annual dinner at the Hagerty Center, we'll have 10 minutes to pitch how Access Northern Michigan will positively impact our region and the importance of this app/website.  Impact 100 members vote this evening and at the end of the night the two, $127,500 grants are awarded.  Please keep your fingers (and toes) crossed that we will be the lucky recipient of one of the two grants.  We are extremely lucky and grateful to live in a community full of philanthropic individuals that invest time and money into local organizations and programs, like Disability Network Northern Michigan.  Thank you to all of our supporters!

One of the wonderful benefits of being a finalist is that we have submitted a wish list that contains several smaller and larger items we are in need of to support our programs and mission, along with available volunteer positions.  View our wish list and contact Dayna Valpey at 231.922.0903 ext. 312, if you are able to donate or if you have any questions regarding the items on our wish list.

Impact 100 information:

Impact 100 feels that a grant as significant as $100,000+ will transform our community, but the process will also transform everyone involved.  Impact 100 excels by uniting the power of women in collective giving.  The women that are involved are strengthened by their shared knowledge and leadership and work to grow their talents through direct participation in the philanthropic process. To learn more and get involved in 2018 visit www.impacttc.org.