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Talent Show

On May 12th, Disability Network will be running a socially distant virtual talent show where everyone in our community with disabilities can show off their talents!

From May 5th onwards, a photo gallery will be open on Disability Network's Facebook Talent Show Event [under the discussion tab], so people whose talents lean more towards art than song or dance will be able to show off their artistic skills. After the talent show, there will be an audience vote on who’s performance they liked the best, and who’s art they liked the best. Complete the online Zoom Talent Show registration form by May 5th so Disability Network can help you figure out how to make your talent look great on Zoom.

Facebook Gallery


There will be many prizes to choose from, including:

  • A copy of Munchkin: Rick and Morty
  • A copy of Monopoly – Skylander Edition
  • Gift Certificates for Grand Traverse Games
  • T-shirts from Grand Traverse Game
  • Gift Certificates for Espresso Bay.

Once winners are selected, the first place winner for the live performance will pick their prize. Then the first place winner in the art gallery will pick their prize.  Then the 2nd place winners will pick their prizes. Then the 3rd place winners will pick their prizes. You cannot win a prize in both the live category and the fine arts category as we want to spread the victories around.