Faith's Story

Image of Faith

Disability Network is happy to feature and share Faith’s story with Options Counseling. It first began a decade ago when Faith became a volunteer with Disability Network. Faith has a long history of advocating for accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Whether if Faith was found in the community, volunteering at various events or assisting others with disability challenges; Faith always wore her smile and expected nothing in return.

As the pandemic spread across northern Michigan, Faith hunkered down like many of us did. In the summer of 2020, Faith was hospitalized then discharged to a short-term rehabilitation facility. Rehabilitation lasted for nine months with limited visitors, which made for an exceptionally long winter.

It was in the Spring of 2021 when Options Counselor Kevin Lozo was made aware of Faith being in a health care facility. Kevin introduced the new Options Counseling and aided Faith weekly by phone, texting, emailing and even Facetiming. Options Counseling was able to work with Faith, her family, facility social workers and physical therapy to ensure a safe and well-planned discharge home.

The Options Counseling Program was able work with Faith and facility dischargers to obtain recommend assistive technology, medical supplies and equipment not covered by insurances at no cost under the Cares Act Funding to help Faith with everyday functions at home. In August of 2021, Faith was reunited with her pets, parents and her own bedroom again. 

Connect with Independent Living Resource Specialist and Options Counselor Kevin Lozo for details on how you or a family member can participate in Options Counseling at 231 922 0903 ext 330, by email at or by clicking here.