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Valerie's Story

The stars were aligned when we connected with Disability Network Northern Michigan. I cannot say enough praise for this organization and all they do. When my son was diagnosed with a disabling mental affliction, it practically consumed our life. 

We were introduced to Disability Network while attending a Department of Health and Human Services Medicaid orientation. What a lifesaver! After working with Disability Network, my son has been awarded disability. As the Employment Specialist said, "This is the safety net he needs until he can hopefully get well enough to go back to school and/or find employment to become self-sufficient."

Disability Network was there 100% for my son and I. Disability Network had the experience and knowledge to help us navigate a confusing network for obtaining disability. I cannot imagine finding our way through the network in such a timely manner. Never did a call or email go unanswered. They were always available to help....like a good friend. I recommended Disability Network because I know the struggle first-hand of how you feel helpless and lost. Disability Network is the hope and saving grace that helps keep lives from spiraling into despair. My son and I are forever grateful.

-Valerie, Parent

Disability Network Northern Michigan is a certified Employment Network and is a member of the American Dream Employment Network. The return to gainful employment can be complicated and challenging. Disability Network is here to offer support for individuals who have the goal of achieving financial self-sufficiency. Click here to learn more about Disability Network Northern Michigan's Employment Services.