Who We Are

 Based in Traverse City, Michigan, we’ve been serving people with disabilities, their families and the northern Lower Michigan community since 2002. Our staff provides information, assistance and support to people of all ages with a wide variety of disabilities. We also work on a larger scale, helping governments, businesses and other organizations make changes that improve life for everyone in the community. 

Our Brochure

Our 2018 Annual Report

How We Are Different 

Disability Network Northern Michigan is led by a board and staff made up mostly of people with disabilities. We serve people with any type of disability, including those with "invisible" barriers such as learning disabilities. Instead of focusing solely on the disability, we address the needs of the whole person to achieve a more balanced life. And unlike many organizations, we are here to support the community as well as the individual. 

How We Work

We help individuals find resources and learn to advocate on their own behalf.

We partner with businesses, governments and other organizations to drive strategic community changes that benefit people with and without disabilities.

We expand the community leadership of people with disabilities.

Organizational Ends 

Individuals with disabilities set goals and achieve outcomes relating to increased independence in significant life areas. 

Disability Network’s community activities increase equal access, equal opportunity, independence, full participation and economic self-sufficiency for people with disabilities.  

Disability Network’s advocacy network expands to secure the financial and volunteer support needed to achieve our vision.