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Family Supports

Family Supports for Independent Living

As children grow into adulthood, abilities, needs and the nature of available resources change. Additionally, as family members age, their needs for additional aid may become more apparent. Disability Network's Family Supports program guides families of youth and adults with disabilities to the many supports available from healthcare through educational resources.

Our approach to accessing financial and other supports allow for a balanced independent living plan including resources for:

  • Independent Living Skills 

  • Self Determination

  • Financial Wellness Planning 

  • Community Living 

  • Guardianship Alternatives and Power of Attorney

Parent Network

Disability Network’s Parent Network connects parents, guardians and families of individuals with disabilities to one another for peer support, information and resources. Topics are chosen to help families learn about community resources as well as build skills. Information ranges from advocating, benefits planning, person-centered planning to group discussions about family life.


The Parent Network Workshops are held in a casual setting that allows you to network with other parents and guardians while sharing your personal experiences. Sharing in creative problem-solving leads to success! Our Parent Network Coordinator Nicole Miller has a wealth of knowledge and resources in her toolbox to share with the group. Nicole can answer your questions and help guide you on the right path with your specific needs.

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